Thursday, September 1, 2011

Packing for South Korea

Well hello friends! This is our test post [Jen here at the moment] to see how the blog is looking! I've also attached some photos of us packing. If you're confused by Jay's photo, it's because he had thrown himself on top of the frame pack in order to accommodate an unnecessary amount of shoes.

Jay and I decided that after Rwanda/England, we should really live in the same country for a while, and since we both can't wait to explore Asia and learn another [or several] funny languages, we decided to teach abroad! After the 3 month process of collecting documents, excessive e-mailing, and a LOT of 11:00PM phone interviews, we have positions working together at a school in Gimhae, South Korea. On that note, if you ever need help with the process of getting started, please let us know! We're a lot wiser than when we started :)

Gimhae [look at your handy map to the left] is right outside Busan [formerly called Pusan], the second biggest city in the country, bordered by mountains on the West and ocean on the East. From what I hear they have some AMAZING markets; fish, fruit, and everything in between [anyone who followed my Peace Corps experience knows how much I love markets...]

Hopefully this year will be full of adventures that involve strange and exciting new people, foods, and travels.

We will be MIA for the first week, I think, while we struggle to find basic necessities, furniture, and internet AND learn how to teach english as a foreign language!! As soon as we can, we will upload a video and some photos of our new abode [no mud walls! yaaaaaay!] everyone cross your fingers for a real shower!

My skype is jen.olsen1 and Jay's is usajay2 [yep. USA jay]

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  1. i'm so excited for you guys, good luck with the big move and settling in!